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StudiowithFarah first started as an Instagram account in 2015 as a way for artist Farah Abdelhamid to promote her students’ work and processes “behind the scenes” as she was teaching beginner and intermediate levels of jewelry makers. It was a way to celebrate their achievements as makers and contemporary thinkers while growing their love for the craft and projects.

Now in 2019, it has developed into Farah’s own personal jewelry studio, in addition to a shared space for enthusiasts and participants to take courses in Design, Jewelry Making and different techniques. Courses range from one-day workshops to 8-week workshops as well as tailored options depending on the needs of the student.

Farah’s philosophy in teaching stems from her RISD education, pairing theory, practical experience, research and design all together synonymously to create a generation of well-rounded makers.

Cairo’s jewelry industry is booming once again with talented young designers outsourcing local craftsmen to produce their work, however there is always the challenge of quality control, limited range of techniques and designs. Through taking courses, one’s ability to design and think beyond technique enhances not only the final project but the industry at large.

Stay tuned for upcoming courses and workshops this summer, or get in touch to schedule private sessions.