In the following collections, you will find metal-formed rings and bracelets from one sheet of silver. Their forms are derived from the experience learned from Access 2015 (RISD Degree Project), and working along the same concept.


It all started when...

I got comfortable having intense conversations about jewelry, wearability, and expected function from wearable objects at RISD. My new challenge was having to think more commercially for the Sieraad Fair in Amsterdam. How would I talk about these concepts and ask the same questions in a material that is recognizable in the jewelry realm, precious to some degree, that I could sell and market to a new audience? 

I transformed the patterns I was working with in Modes of Engagement, which originally were jewelry H-pattern rings that were formed more traditionally for signet rings. I chose to give myself limitations, as I did before, to create a rubric and guide for my process. By working with one sheet of silver per piece, I would cut out H-patterns in different formations, then hammer them to completion, and solder them closed. 

From my experience with the fabric, I already knew that the H-patterns create openings, but what I didn't test beforehand was my material and how the fabric pieces needed the body to become openings, but the metal had visibly created openings directly from its properties. 

These became great conversation starters as the point of entry for the finger was not direct, participants were curious and took their time to find the right fit. The openings when worn then became another point of interest, as it would transform the image of the fingers and the hands with parts being hidden, squished, or altering the appearance of the hand.

Check them out on display here at Sieraad 2015.

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